About Me

My name is Jody Steensland and I create modern day Chainmaille jewelry.

My initial introduction to Chainmaille came when I met my husband 15 years ago.  He was wearing a byzantine bracelet made of stainless steel rings.  I was instantly intrigued.  I had never heard of Chainmaille before so I began researching it to discover a very rich and diverse history as well as its modern day uses of protective gear (shark gloves/suits) and decorative adornment for belly dancing.

Needless to say I began making simple style bracelets for family and friends but the interest never faded away so a couple years ago I decided it was time to offer the public my unique creations.

The materials and tools I use are quite simple: Wire – lots and lots of wire! (mainly sterling silver but I also use anodized aluminum (variety of colors), brass, bronze, copper, enameled copper (variety of colors) stainless steel), precision pliers, assorted steel mandrels, electric drills, precision jump ring saw, and jeweler’s tumbler.

Each piece begins from a large spool of wire (mainly sterling silver) that is wrapped around a steel mandrel (of various sizes) to form a continuous coil which is then placed into a custom metal housing and cut with a high speed fine tooth precision saw which produces hundreds of flush cut offset rings.   Each ring is then cleaned, tumbled in steel shot, opened and connected (aka woven) one by one to form a unique piece of jewelry.

My jewelry is 100% handmade with the exception of the occasional commercially purchased finding (clasps, extender chains, charms) and cannot be found on any traditional store shelf.  I am not an inventory warehouse.  Each piece is made at the time it is ordered.  I am a small local business and I like it that way :)

Many of the bracelets use up to 300 individual rings and can take 2 to 4 hours to make while the necklaces use double or even triple the amount of rings and can take up to 10 hours – both depending on the intricacy of the weave.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know me and my Chainmaille obsession.  Thanks for stopping by!